Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jersey Thursday's

Good Morning All!

Friday's almost here and we all know what that means!!!

Jersey Shore's on tonight!

I will be tweeting live tonight at 10pm/EST while watching the show... you can tweet with me:

And if you missed last weeks episode you can check out my recap of Episode 5: Drunk Punch Love

And while going through some Jersey Shore related videos on YouTube, I came across this video of Jenny "Jwwow" on TNA Impact (a wrestling program that airs on Spike) back in October of 2010, I really think Jwwow fits well with this crowd of pretend fighters, pretending to fight (I am not hating on tv wrestlers, I was a huge fan back in the early 2000's)... I hope she continues with this on her off time ... and excuse me for giggling at the name "T-N-A Impact" lol (tits-n-ass) lol

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