Sunday, March 13, 2011

SXSW - Day 3

Day 3 in Texas:

I woke up after only having 3-4 hours of sleep.

I went to a Cinnamon roll birthday party ...

Got a free cup of coffee from some nice people on the street....

Ran over to the convention center and went to a panel on video editing...

Stopped by Screenburn Arcade to test out the new Mortal Kombat video game and see Mike Tyson (It was so packed, I didn't get to see him) but I saw his mascot.

Charged up....

Hugged a monkey....

So did Patrice...

I went to another panel... This one was called "what I didn't learn in film school".

After that, I took a pic with one of the guys from Current TV's show InfoMania.

I then picked up my new iphone 4 from the Zazzle station. The artwork is by artist Christian Cortes (

I was super excited about that case. I can't even explain it!

And now I'm about to take a disco nap because a few of us were lucky enough to have some delish bbq sponsored by MapQuest. They took us to eat bbq by bus! It was beautiful!

****Food photo taken from @justjon

We got free beer, cobbler, and heard some music by
shinobi ninja.

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