Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Video - CortesNyc's Graff Tour Part 7 - France

Back in 09, a few graffiti artists by the name of CortesNyc, Bad6, and Blen167 toured Europe.

These three men traveled from America (NY & Puerto Rico) to France, Spain, and finally Germany.

Even though I was unable to attend the tour and record, Cortes was able to capture some great footage.

Check out the latest video I helped out on, it's CortesNyc's Graff Tour Part 7 (this is a continuation of his world tour/world domination)

I'm pretty excited about this video because it's the longest video we put together and we're calling it our first mini-film :)

There's a super awesome intro, dope walls, mini interviews and there's even outtakes at the end of the video.

I guarantee you'll enjoy this one!

And because of this footage I so want to go to France sometime soon.

All music and visual treatments done by the master himself CortesNyc.

Enjoy and all comments are welcome.

Look out for CortesNyc's Graff Tour 8, we're working on it now...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FCP X is Here!

I received an email in my inbox stating that Final Cut Pro X has been released today .... for those of you who do not know what final cut pro is, it's a non-linear editing software used by professionals.

*Side note: I work for a post production company in NY. We basically edit television commercials so this topic is dear to my heart. 

Originally Final Cut Pro Studio would costs a few thousand dollars (basically the price of purchasing a new imac). This was  only an issue if you were a freelance editor, counting costs or just making videos for the hell of it. 

The great thing about Final Cut Pro X is that it's consumer friendly:  

#1 - The price!!!!! @_@ - FCPX is only $299.99 - That's a huge price difference. I'm sure Apple is going to make a killing and this will encourage everyone to start editing with this system. 

#2 - Secondly, FCPX is sold in the Mac App Store. Holy Shizzle! Do you guys know what that means!??!?!?! 
In the past,  when you purchase FCP Studio you would receive a box full of audio, final cut, and motion discs and it would take hours to load them all in. Now all you have to do is download it to your computer. 
(I do not know how long the download will take but I can't imagine it taking more than an hour. 

Now, on the post production side this program may not be utilized right away. Apple will have to make a few changes to the new program. 

If you work in post production you will know the importance of creating an EDL, XML, or OMF for your telecine, or mix sessions. 

I was told that FCPX is unable to generate the above files. I've also been told that there is no way to capture from video tape. I know that sounds ancient but in post you receive a lot of project formats. 

So on one hand FCPX is NOW consumer friendly and I imagine that more of my friends will use this program and on the other hand this new program will make professional editors appreciate what they've got. 

I have not had a chance to play around with the program but as soon as I do I'll either blog or tweet about it. 

If you want to check out a preview video of FCPX check out my previous blog post titled Final Cut Pro X

Thanks for reading rant. I'm sure I'll write about this again. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sleepy Monday's

I may not look sleepy this morning but I totally feel like this ....

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Update

Hola Readers.

I'm back from vacation and I've been a little busy bee.. so many errands and no time... and my day job has kept me from attending all of the lovely Internet Week parties..

If your interested in checking out my photos from the trip I have them posted up on my flickr page.. here's a link to the album: Tameeka Time's Flickr

Before my vacation, I helped out and put together a video trailer/teaser for a project that CortesNyc and I are working on for musicians named Guillotine Cuts...

The trailer can be seen below

And lastly, tomorrow I will be on a panel at an event called Tech Munch.

Tech Munch is a 1-day conference for food bloggers and food lovers... it's an event that keeps the food/Internet world up to date on how to spread your content and how to maintain your sanity.

It's going to be a blast. I'm going over my panel questions now.

I'm sure I'll be twittering and taking pics once my panel is completed.

For more info check out the main site here: TechMunch NYC

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bahama Mamas

Greetings From Nassau Bahamas...

Today's my 2nd day here and it's pure bliss.

My friend Ngozi and I have been enjoying the beach, pool, restaurants and just came back from town. We accidentally ended up in the Bahamas Labor Day Parade.

So far it's been a good trip.

If you want to see photos add me to facebook:


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