Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Update

Hola Readers.

I'm back from vacation and I've been a little busy bee.. so many errands and no time... and my day job has kept me from attending all of the lovely Internet Week parties..

If your interested in checking out my photos from the trip I have them posted up on my flickr page.. here's a link to the album: Tameeka Time's Flickr

Before my vacation, I helped out and put together a video trailer/teaser for a project that CortesNyc and I are working on for musicians named Guillotine Cuts...

The trailer can be seen below

And lastly, tomorrow I will be on a panel at an event called Tech Munch.

Tech Munch is a 1-day conference for food bloggers and food lovers... it's an event that keeps the food/Internet world up to date on how to spread your content and how to maintain your sanity.

It's going to be a blast. I'm going over my panel questions now.

I'm sure I'll be twittering and taking pics once my panel is completed.

For more info check out the main site here: TechMunch NYC

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