Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Tameeka Time - Day 23

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23
Day 23 - 15 facts about you. 

Here are 15 facts about me, I included some interesting links about the subjects to make it more fun. 

1. My zodiac sign is a Scorpio
(click on the link & find out about the mythology of the Scorpio)

2. I have no siblings.
(theories on individuals that have no siblings )  

3. I have Family from the US Virgin Islands & the south
(have you ever been to the US Virgin Islands? if so write me, tell me what you thought of that magical place)

4. Favorite colors are red & pink
(the link above leads you to a Time's Science article on why girls like pink)

5. I love TV dramas
(here's a link to hulu - enjoy yourself) 

6. I enjoy summer alot
(does this need to be explained - here's why I love summer {tameeka time's tumblr} ) 

7. I enjoy naps

8. I used to be into RPGing
(what is RPGing )

9. I do not know how to drive
(I need to learn eventually)

10. I enjoy beer and prefer red wine
(Here's a video from the Astoria Beer Garden last summer during the world cup - I was here when this madness occurred) 

11. I love to laugh
(as you can see from my facebook profile pic - laughing is good for you )

12. I love gadgets

13. The best part of going to the gym for me is taking step aerobics

14. I used to work for an all year round Christmas store
(I worked at The Christmas Dove back in High School) 

15. I prefer tea over coffee

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