Sunday, August 14, 2011

Youtube Video - Back in the day Tag!

Here's another YouTube tag video I put together.

This one is called "Back in the day"

I had a blast editing this video. I laughed the whole way through.

The tag questions brought back so many memories from my childhood.

Check out my video below and if you want to tell me what your favorite things were back in the day. Leave a comment below. I've posted the questions after the video. :)

*Click here to see the video*

TAG: Back In The Day!
1. What was your favorite gaming system/Device? (i.e. game boy, 8 ball, game boy advance etc..)
2. What was your favorite TV Show?
3. What was your favorite movie?
4. What was your favorite food or drink or meal? (i.e. chicken fingers, grape juice, pizza etc..)
5. What was one of your most important objects? (i.e. stuffed animal, pillow, blanket etc..)
6. What was your career aspiration? (i.e. superstar, astronaut etc..)
7. What was your favorite computer game or online website?
8. What was your favorite song, artist, or band?
9. Show a picture that could describe you as a child.
10. What was your favorite book?
11. What was your favorite store?

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