Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion's Night Out - 2011

I do not generally post about makeup but a few weeks ago, well on Fashions Night Out, I experienced the magic of having my make up done via an airbrush machine.

I always knew that ladies at trade shows get airbrushed but I never experienced the airbrush myself.

I was at Sephora and I actually waited in line to use this product.

It's called the Temptu airbrush make up system and the little space ship pod (officially called an 'air pod') holds foundation, blush, and highlighter.

The best part of the machine is that it blends the foundation for you. Ohhhh that can save so much time in the morning or when you are going out with the girls.

In the past I've had some artwork airbrushed on arms and chest and the standard airbrush machines used with paint stings a little (similar to getting a tattoo) but the Temptu air brush system squirts out the makeup in the lightest and most airy way. It's amazing.

Here are some pics of me from that night being airbrushed.

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