Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Summer. I Miss You!

 For those of you New Yorkers and for those who were on facebook yesterday you may have witnessed what was being called "Snowtober 2011".

Video by PaigeyPumphrey

The general public was up-in-arms because Halloween hasn't even arrived and there was a wintery mess outdoors. Three lives were taken and many people are still without power.

But today's a new day and it's actually quite sunny out but it's still bone chilling cold out.

This cold weather got me thinking about how much fun I had this past summer and how much I miss the summer heat. I am not a cold-weather lover. I like it hot. And when it's hot out, I'm always ready for ice cream, or gelato. I'm not saying that I can not enjoy a big ole' cup of gelato in the middle of winter, but it's such a good feeling to sit outside and enjoy a nice cold treat.

Speaking of cold goodness, this past summer, I had the pleasure of visiting three places (for the first time) that filled my belly with delicious frozen heaven.

Location #1 - Pop Bar. 

Pop Bar is located on Carmine street in NYC. A friend told me this place had gelato on sticks. I was very iffy of what I would be getting into but since that one day in August. I was hooked. I've had a gelato pop, sorbetto pop, and a yogurt pop. It's like heaven on a stick and the toppings are to die for. The next time I'm there I do want to try the "hot chocolate on a stick". You can't go wrong with Pop Bar, they're pops are gluten free and they're also kosher certified.

The best part is having the ability to personalize your own bar, they have signature dips (white, dark, and milk chocolate) and toppings such as granola, almonds, and hazelnuts. There are more toppings to choose from but those three are my favorite. Be sure to follow Pop Bar on twitter @popbar for all the new flavor combination updates.

Here's a pic of Pop Bar and my favorite flavor of them all, the mixed berry popsorbetto! The berry seeds add a nice touch! 

Location #2 - The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

I know I called the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck a location and technically it is (now)!
In the picture below I waited on line to get ice cream. (you must think I'm insane) and I know that truck looks like a plain ole' ice cream truck but it isn't! I promise!

This truck is the Big Gay Ice Cream truck and when this photo was taken in July the only way to get a salty pimp was from the truck.

Now the owner has a shop located on East 7th street in NYC. You have to believe me it's worth the trip.

 Speaking of the salty pimp {vanilla ice cream/Dulce de leche/sea salt/chocolate dip} here's a pic of it (see below), it is delicious.

BUT my hearts with the Bea Arthur {vanilla ice cream/Dulce de leche/crushed nilla wafers}. You can see me proudly holding my cone in the picture below :D

Be sure to follow Big Gay Ice Cream on twitter (@biggayicecream) for daily updates and go to the shops website for more deets.

Location #3 - Amorino 

I knew nothing about Amorino until a friend shared her Living social coupon with me. Amorino is located on University Place in NYC.

I was unaware of how beautiful the sorbet/gelato cones would look until after I ordered my cup of mango and passion fruit sorbet. I have to go back and get one of these bad boys.

The good thing about Amorino is you are allowed to pick up 20 flavors for one cone! I was shocked and pleased all at once. I am not saying that my cup (see below) wasn't the most delish thing I had all day

BUT I have to go back and try some of the various gelato flavors like Stracciatella, Cioccolato Ecuador, Caffe puro Brasile, Pistacchio sublime, Nocciola Tonda e Gentile, Fragola Camarosa, Limone femminello di sorrento, Caramello al Burro, or Amarena.

I will return to Amorino in the near future and if you would like to go some time be sure to check out their website monthly. Because the flavors of the month always seem divine!

I hope everyone enjoyed my summer treat memory post. If there are any sweet treat shops in NYC that I need to try leave a comment. I love trying new places.

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