Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hoy Como Ayer - Event Recap - Video

A few weeks ago I attended an art exhibit called Hoy Como Ayer (Yesterday's Like Today). This exhibit was graffiti based and hosted by Audrey Aybar & Sen-Pei Hsia. This exhibit was held at one of my favorite lounges; Sapphire Lounge in the Lower East Side of New York City. The art work being displayed was by CortesNyc, OptimoNyc, Antonio Kel, and Erotica67. While at the exhibit I enjoyed some fresh beats by Dj T-WreXX, Dj Anamated, and Dj Rage Johnson. ^Be sure to support and check out all of the above artists and dj's linked above. 

I put together this video as a sneak peek to show you blog readers out there what these exhibits are like. For those of you who live in NYC and want to have a good time and see/buy some amazing art, Muse holds monthly art shows so be sure to check out From the Global Village blog for more info. 


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