Saturday, June 30, 2012

VIDEO - CortesNyc's Up High Part 3

Back in 2009, I spent 3 summer nights filming visual artist CortesNyc at 5 Pointz
Filming at 5 Pointz is not out of the ordinary for me. But this time was different, for 3 nights Cortes was not painting a wall that I could stand next to.

He was many-many feet away from where I was with the camera equipment.
Cortes was up high in a crane painting skulls along the 5 Pointz building.

I was amazed at his skill level and the fact that he was able to concentrate on that wall.

This piece is one of my favorites at 5 Pointz to date.

Check out the wall process below.

A special shout out goes to Anthony for being the crane operator and our up high camera man.

For your enjoyment here's:
*CortesNyc's UpHigh Part 3 @ 5 Pointz*


Living Healthier: Oven Baked Shrimp & Zucchini Skewer Recipe

On my journey to living healthier I am changing the way I cook at home. The new rules are
more veggies, no frying, less rice, fresh juice, and more water.

Last night, I had a craving for shrimp and I would have usually made a shrimp curry or fried the
shrimp but I decided to bake shrimp and zucchini skewers instead. 


I'm no grill master but I know my way around an oven.
Here's my recipe for oven baked shrimp and zucchini skewers.

1/2 cup of olive oil
1 1/2 lbs of large uncooked shrimp (peeled and deveined)
1 red bell pepper
1 small yellow zucchini cut into 1/2-inch slices
1 small green zucchini cut into 1/2-inch slices
1/2 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of pepper (freshly ground if available)
1/2 tsp of basil
1/2 tsp of oregano

*I used 4 wooden skewers for this recipe and I soaked the skewers in cold water before using them. 

In a bowl, combine all of the ingredients together, toss until the shrimp and veggies are evenly coated.
Seal bowl and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.
Thread 2-3 shrimps onto each skewer. Alternating shrimp and vegetables.
Skew shrimp and zucchini rounds so they lay flat.
Preheat your oven at 350° F for about 10 minutes.
I used fat-free non-stick cooking spray to coat my baking pan.

Uncovered, bake the skewers for 10-15 minutes or until shrimp turns pink or opaque.

I added a side of rice, spinach, and more zucchini to my dish.
It was quick to make and a very delicious dinner choice.

This recipe serves 2-3 people.

*This recipe can be used on the grill as well. Use the same directions above minus the preheating of the oven and grill skewers on each side for about 3 minutes.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Living Healthier

Earlier this evening I met with my personal trainer for the second time.

Yes, I've hired someone to yell at me while I do push-ups and crunches.

I first met with Laura this past Sunday.

My gym had a personal training special going on a few weeks ago. I jumped on the
opportunity and purchased one session.

Laura weighed me, she calculated my water weight and most importantly
she let me know that I have very little muscle throughout my body.

I thought this was something I'd have to worry about later in life. 

For the past two years, my body has changed so much.
I slowly started gaining weight and one day I noticed that my slacks were not fitting.
This was unusual to me because I have always (I mean always) been skinny.
Too skinny some of my family members would say.
And it's such a weird feeling to want that body back, that too skinny body.
I remember growing up and not wanting to be so thin.

I was healthy and I had a lot more energy.
With the extra weight that I've gained, I'm more sluggish, stressed,
and just overall uncomfortable.

My lifestyle was very different but working full time and living life should not
result in me going up a few pant sizes. 

After meeting with Laura and talking about my overall health I decided to make a
change. I decided that I want to be healthy not just skinny. I'm tired of feeling
uncomfortable when I sit and I want to be in control of my cravings / eating habits.

I've started my journey to a healthier Tameeka by registering for more personal
training classes and buying a juicer (seen in the photo above). I am eliminating the need to drink
store-bought juices and I'm giving up soda (even diet sodas). I've already made a
habit of making smoothies but the fruit and vegetable juices will benefit me more.
Yesterday I went through all of the items in my refrigerator and cabinets and
did a survey of what I need and what I can do without.

Then I went to my local grocery store and purchased plenty of vegetables, and fruits. It's a small
start but it's a start. I've even rid my apartment of sugary sweets and stocked up on
nuts, craisins, and granola.

On top of drinking more water than I'm used to drinking, today's session with Laura
was pretty rough but in the next few weeks she's going to kick my butt into shape and
I'm looking forward to it.

Here's to a healthier Tameeka Time.

What are your thoughts on living healthier? Do you think hiring a personal trainer is a waste of
time? Let me know your thoughts, leave me a comment below.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cat Scratch

I can not stop laughing at this gif ... If you've ever owned a cat then you know exactly what it feels like to get swiped by one. Cat's usually do this when they are being provoked. 
My assumption is this girl was vlogging and tried to hold up her cat to her computer screen. She's wrong for pushing the cat into the screen.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sleepy Monday's

My weekend was busy and I had tons of fun but they must have partied like rock stars!
Sleep on beautiful couple.... sleep on.

Happy Monday Everybody!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


A good part of my Saturday was spent like this...

June 16, 2012 - Flushing Meadow Park (around the lake) Queens NYC

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Skins (US) Fan Page - Why are you active?

Yesterday afternoon, I was looking over my Facebook timeline and noticed that Skins (US TV Series) not to be confused with the awesome Skins (UK TV Series) updated their fan page. I have no idea why they would do that. Well maybe MTV is planning on airing reruns or trying to promote/boost dvd sales. Or maybe their social media rep felt this was important.

The update was just a cover photo change but I'd imagine their fan page would be pretty stagnent since the series has been canceled and the UK version is still alive and doing well.

Speaking of the UK version. Back in early 2011, I had a mini stay-at-home Skins UK marathon one weekend. It's really an amazing teen drama series following a group of teens through Bristol, England and it deals with sex, drugs, death, failure, and every other aspect of life. If you have some free time I suggest you watch a few episodes on Netflix to understand the greatness of it.

Back to the topic at hand. I still have yet to find out why Skins US has updated their facebook fanpage, some comments (see photo on the left) suggest that having the series come back would be "awesome" but according to the shows wikipedia page this series will not be back any time soon.

That's a relief because I could not stomach this version of the show. I only managed to watch the first episode and after that I couldn't do it.

Unlike myself many fans took to the US version's fanpage and commented on how much they love the show but out of all the comments here's my favorite (see below).
Who ever you may be Edolina Stroud you just won the internet .... just for today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sleepy Monday's

I can't blame him. It was pretty warm on the train this morning and this guy seems to not have a bag or anything else weighing him down. Sleep on sir - sleep on. Happy Monday Everyone.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oh Shit It's Friday

NY Party people this coming Friday one of my favorite Dj's ( dj TWreXX ) will be spinning at one of my favorite Manhattan lounges (Sapphire Lounge) for a FREE event called "Oh Shit It's Friday".

Come out, have a drink, and dance the night away!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleepy Monday's

I do not blame you sir. This rain makes me feel the same way!

This photo was taken on a Manhattan-bound 7 train. 

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