Friday, June 15, 2012

Skins (US) Fan Page - Why are you active?

Yesterday afternoon, I was looking over my Facebook timeline and noticed that Skins (US TV Series) not to be confused with the awesome Skins (UK TV Series) updated their fan page. I have no idea why they would do that. Well maybe MTV is planning on airing reruns or trying to promote/boost dvd sales. Or maybe their social media rep felt this was important.

The update was just a cover photo change but I'd imagine their fan page would be pretty stagnent since the series has been canceled and the UK version is still alive and doing well.

Speaking of the UK version. Back in early 2011, I had a mini stay-at-home Skins UK marathon one weekend. It's really an amazing teen drama series following a group of teens through Bristol, England and it deals with sex, drugs, death, failure, and every other aspect of life. If you have some free time I suggest you watch a few episodes on Netflix to understand the greatness of it.

Back to the topic at hand. I still have yet to find out why Skins US has updated their facebook fanpage, some comments (see photo on the left) suggest that having the series come back would be "awesome" but according to the shows wikipedia page this series will not be back any time soon.

That's a relief because I could not stomach this version of the show. I only managed to watch the first episode and after that I couldn't do it.

Unlike myself many fans took to the US version's fanpage and commented on how much they love the show but out of all the comments here's my favorite (see below).
Who ever you may be Edolina Stroud you just won the internet .... just for today.

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