Saturday, June 30, 2012

VIDEO - CortesNyc's Up High Part 3

Back in 2009, I spent 3 summer nights filming visual artist CortesNyc at 5 Pointz
Filming at 5 Pointz is not out of the ordinary for me. But this time was different, for 3 nights Cortes was not painting a wall that I could stand next to.

He was many-many feet away from where I was with the camera equipment.
Cortes was up high in a crane painting skulls along the 5 Pointz building.

I was amazed at his skill level and the fact that he was able to concentrate on that wall.

This piece is one of my favorites at 5 Pointz to date.

Check out the wall process below.

A special shout out goes to Anthony for being the crane operator and our up high camera man.

For your enjoyment here's:
*CortesNyc's UpHigh Part 3 @ 5 Pointz*


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