Sunday, July 1, 2012

Living Healthier: Berry Pulp Smoothies

Last night, I was on a juicing mission. I basically used all of the vegetables and fruits in my refrigerator.  It was a lot of work but waking up and having such a variety of fresh juices makes me so happy!

I started out by making The Mean Green juice (as seen in the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead) - it contains: 1 bunch of kale / 4 celery stalks / 1 cucumber / 2 granny apples / 1/2 a lemon / and ginger root. This juice is intense! The ginger root is very strong and gives off a spicy taste but I'm determined to drink it. I also made a pitcher of carrot/orange juice, beet/celery/orange juice, and my favorite mixed-berry juice! The mixed berry juice contains strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, blackberries, and pears. It's so delicious!

For those who have a juicer and for those who don't have a juicer, once your done juicing you are left with large amounts of pulp from the fruit and veggies. Most juicers have a easy to clean compartment that stores the pulp while your juicing.

While I was dumping big piles of pulp away I realized "hey I can use this pulp for my smoothies in the morning." What an amazing idea! Now when I make berry or orange juice I don't have to waste anything. The pulp that's left over from the berry juice goes right into my blender along with ice and yogurt and I have the most delicious smoothie. I really recommend doing this if you have a juicer and a blender. You'll save so much money by doing this and you won't have to buy frozen fruit anymore. I just store the pulp using tupperware jars and when I'm ready to make a smoothie it's ready to go!

Here's the result of my berry pulp smoothie.

1 pitcher of berry juice will result in 3-4 8oz berry smoothies.
I am also using the berry and orange pulp to make ice pops! I'll post pics of those soon!

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