Monday, July 23, 2012

Living Healthier: Fitness Results

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the steps I'm taking to live healthier.

In the post, I mentioned that I purchased a juicer, I hired a personal trainer at my local gym, and I asked my readers if it was worth the money. I received positive feedback from my blog readers and facebook friends about making these steps. 

For about 3 weeks (almost 1 month) I met with my trainer; Laura and started to work on my body.

At the beginning of the training sessions Laura measured my water weight, body fat, and muscle mass.  

All of the results were poor. Based on my results my body was of a 33 year old. When I heard this, it hit me like a ton of bricks because I'm not in my 30's yet, I'm only 27!

From that point on I knew I had to change my ways. I knew I had to cut back on the beer, wine, fried foods, bubble tea, and cupcakes. I only drank water when I remembered and most of my work-outs consisted of 1 or 2 Zumba classes every other week or getting on the elliptical for about a half hour. I needed to be consistent and really work on my body. I needed that extra push.

I had to completely change my eating habits, stick to a gym schedule, stop drinking soda, drink more water, and get a decent amount of rest daily. Which also meant avoiding certain social events because I just didn't want to drink and end up binge eating on bad food. 

It wasn't easy but I stuck to it. I've completely given up soda and while I'm at work I'll only drink water and have the occasional seltzer. In the mornings, I eat oatmeal with a banana and a few dried cranberries for sweetness. On the weekends I go for eating egg whites and a small piece of protein and some fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, or mango slices). When ordering lunch I stick to the healthier choices and restaurants. At home, if I'm not drinking water, I'm drinking either a veggie or fruit juice that I made. I have gotten rid of all processed foods in my apartment and stocked up on peanuts, granola, and dried cranberries. Dinners now consist of more vegetables, and less rice.  

Overall my energy levels have improved and I feel lighter. I look at the people around me in a different light and I don't understand why I haven't lived this way forever and I also don't understand why people are not eating more vegetables. I now value vegetables and fresh fruit even more.

Last Monday (7/16/12) was my final training session with Laura. Her and I named the day "Result Day". I was a bit nervous because we set a goal to lose a few inches off of my shoulders, waist, hips, thighs, booty area, and a bit around my back. But after thinking about it, I had no reason to be nervous because I stuck to my plan of eating right and exercising properly. 

When Laura measured me she made my day. I lost 3lbs. Lost inches around the shoulders, boob area, waist, back, gained some muscle in the booty, thighs, and calves and my body wasn't as dry (water weight) because I have actually started drinking water. And most importantly my body is of a 26 year old now! That really lifted my spirits and inspired me to keep pushing forward.

Laura was proud of me but like I told her, "I'm not done".

I know that I can lose more weight and gain more muscle. It's such a good feeling to be healthier.

Last week, I signed up for Laura's 4-week private bootcamp classes. I had the pleasure of taking 2 bootcamp classes with Laura and it's no joke. And for some strange reason I work harder in groups. 

Later this evening I take my first bootcamp class and I'm excited. 

Stay tuned for more results and more tips on eating right! 

And for those of you who live in Queens, New York, meet my trainer Laura. If you are interested in hiring Laura for sessions you can call here 718-321-0100 for prices and scheduling. 

Laura - Personal Trainer


  1. So proud of you, boo! You're making me wanna work harder. I've been going to boot camp for 5 weeks now but my eating habits haven't changed much. Gotta step it up and keep up with you. Good job!

    1. Aww boo thank you! You are stepping up by taking the bootcamp classes. They are no joke and I'm very proud of you for doing that. Your eating habits will change, you'll hit that point. I kept getting small colds often and it had to be that I wasn't taking care of myself. And so far I haven't felt sick yet. We both have to keep going and motivate ourselves. Heart you!

  2. It is very happy news that you have take a proper nitration from right food. And also wondered to see that you've completely given up soda and while you are at work you will only drink water and have the occasional seltzer. These are really really good for health and hope it will help you to build perfect figure. All the best
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