Friday, September 21, 2012

Tameeka Time Travels : Day 1 : Michigan

I left NY from LaGuardia airport and arrived shortly in Detroit (DTW). My plane ride was quick (only an hour and a few minutes). I had a chatty guy next me but he was entertaining. It wasn't a bad flight at all.

My lovely friend Samantha picked me up from the airport and we drove to her apartment in Ann Harbor.

When I arrived, I was introduced to her wonderful roommate Alma and her sweet little puppy; Checkers.

After dropping off my luggage Sam and I went to dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin Cafe and Brewery to catch up.

The Jolly Pumpkin has a great list of locally brewed beer and tons of gluten free items.

We got some cider ales and shared a batch of Rosemary truffled fries and the creamed shiitake mushrooms, goat, parmesan and housemade mozzarella cheeses, truffle oil and arugula dressed with red wine vinaigrette pizza.

It was amazing and very rich.

After that we went back to her place to change and head out to Havana's for Salsa Night.

It was like we were watching amateurs for dancing with the stars. The lounge was packed and live. I got to meet some of Sam's friends and dancing to some great music. The drinks were cheap too. I had a blast.

That was my Thursday night and I'm looking forward to a great Friday night.

Stay tuned for more on my trip to Michigan.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tameeka Time Travels : Michigan Here I Come!

Tameeka Time's leaving New York for a few days. I'm heading to Michigan to visit a friend; Samantha. I've known her since 6th grade. I can't wait to hang out with her and tour Michigan.

Be sure to check back here on for pics and I'll be updating my twitter, facebook, and instagram daily.

If you have any suggestions of where I should have brunch in Michigan comment below or tweet me (@tameekatime).

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sleepy Monday's

This kid is just too cute! I couldn't resist.
I bet he had a hell of a weekend.
Keep on truckin' little man!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today I'm in the Bronx recording a Mortal Kombat graffiti themed wall.

I remember when the first Mortal Kombat video game came out. I was pretty young but it was one of the first fighting games I remember playing. I was so used to playing Super Mario, Zelda, and Duck Hunt but once Mortal Kombat came on the scene I didn't look back and from then on I always wanted to play fighting based games.

Here's a work-in-progress photo of the wall. The character being painted is Kintaro. He was the very strong feline-like guy with multiple arms.

I can't wait to record the final shots and edit the video for this wall.

The artist working on this portion of the wall is CortesNyc. To view the wall progress check out his official fan page on Facebook -

And the leopard backpack I'm using today is from a bag apparel company named Sprayground. I love the design it's really cool and so Tameeka-Time!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Living Healthier: Weight Loss Update

Back in July, I started taking Bootcamp fitness classes at my gym. Bootcamp courses are set up in a series of 8 classes, twice a week for 45 minutes each class. We start a new series of classes this coming Monday.

Before every new class series our instructor; Laura weighs and measures each student.
Yesterday was "weigh-in day".

I wasn't feeling so great last night. And, even though I have been sticking to eating healthier and incorporating more and more vegetables to my meals, I was a bit nervous when it came to weighing in. Plus I was just measured on August 27th (just over 2 weeks ago). I'm used to getting measured every month (4-weeks). All kinds of negative thoughts ran through my head. I even thought I gained weight.

Boy was I wrong.

My measurements were about the same (my hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, etc.) as my previous measurements but what surprised me the most was that I went down 2 lbs since August.

I was so happy to get that news! Well to see it on the scale with my own eyes.

Since I've started with the personal trainer and bootcamp classes, I've lost a total of 6 lbs.
That's not much (I know) but it's a start and I'm excited!

This has really motivated me to keep going. I now have a weight goal. I'd like to trim down to 120 lbs. When I started at this new gym and taking my health seriously I was 133 lbs. I then went down to 129 lbs and now I'm 127lbs.

Just 7 more pounds to go!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th 2001 - My memory of that Day

11 years ago my life was so different. I was a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School. I can't remember how many classes I was taking at the time, but I do remember having a 1st and 2nd period class. On 9.11.01, I remember getting dressed and putting on my new boots, they had really high heels. Before leaving I thought "not today... today I'll just wear my new sneakers." After changing, I was late (of course) for my 1st period class so I took my time heading to the city.

A very young Tameeka Time as a senior in High School
I lived in Brooklyn at the time and Bergtraum was located in downtown Manhattan (Pearl Street to be exact). I took the Manhattan-bound A train to Broadway Nassau walked upstairs and I saw smoke coming from the towers. That was strange. Plus there was a crowd around the buildings but no one was in a panic, everyone was just looking up at the building.

I had enough time to stop and grab breakfast so I went to this little deli right near the train station, I did what I usually do and ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll. I asked the guy behind the counter "What's going on?" He said "I hear there's a fire on top of the world trade center". I said "oh that's horrible" and I got my sandwich and proceeded to walk to school. Because I was late, I didn't hear the full story of what happened to the first tower. I just went along with what the deli guy said about there being a fire. I would never think a plane hit the building.

To get a sense of where Murry Bergtraum was located compared to The World Trade Center take a look at the photo below (the distance is 0.8 miles / 15-16 minute walk).

Once I arrived at school, I went to the Student Government office. I was the Treasurer at the time. I watched a bit of the news and saw the top of the building burning but realized I would be late for my 2nd period class so I scurried out of the office.

I arrived at my computer science class on time and we were all getting settled when our principle made an announcement. She said "a plane has hit the world trade center, please remain calm". I'm sure she said much more after that but I can not remember because I began to panic. I just remember putting my things away and leaving class. I'm not even sure if people followed me out of the class, I just knew I needed to leave at that moment. I was on the same floor as my two close friends. I busted into their classroom, looked straight at the two girls and told them "We have to go!!". I remember the teacher yelling at me, telling me to get out of her class. Her words didn't phase me because I was determined to get my friends and leave.

The school was in panic and we felt the building shake a bit. That's when the second plane hit. I was finally able to gather my two friends when I overheard another teach just yelling down the hall "everyone get out, everyone get out of the building". Once I heard that I began to panic more and headed straight for the front of the building.

Once out of the building there were other teachers instructing us to head towards China Town. I was at a lost of words and didn't know what to do. I lived in Brooklyn and the only way I would get home was by taking the A train (which was back by the world trade center). I then started hearing people say "don't go over the bridge, there are threats of them blowing it up", "the trains are not running in any location". I remember standing with my two friends and thinking "what do we do now, where do we go?". Good thing I wore my sneakers.

All cell phone service was blocked. It was mayhem around us. Our school was across the street from One Police Plaza (the headquarters for the NYC police department). The sound of the sirens and the sight of what seemed to be every police officer from the headquarters in the street caused even more panic.

No one knew what was going on. All we kept hearing was "there's a terrorist attack against New York."

At this point, we are now standing in front of the school looking at the towers. All I could see were papers flying from the buildings and fire. Lot's of fire on top of the towers.

I no longer wanted to stand still and watch the buildings burn. My two friends and I started walking towards China Town. It was our only option since the trains weren't working and the bridges were going to be "blown up."

As we walked, I remember crying and one of my friends crying as well because we didn't know what to do, or where our families were. We were stranded in our own city. I couldn't call my mother to see if she was at work already. I couldn't call my dad. The pay phones were not working either. I felt helpless and continued to cry and we just started walking uptown.

While we were walking further away from the towers, we occasionally looked back. And the final time I looked one of my friends quickly turned me around and said "don't look, the buildings are falling --- don't look." We scurried into a diner and a very old man behind the counter said "they hit the white house too." That was it! We knew all of America was in trouble then. What the man meant was the Pentagon was hit.

My next thought was to just take my friends and head to my mothers job. My mom used to work at The  New School University located near Union Square. I've taken my friends to my mothers job a few times so we all knew the distance and agreed that walking there would be a good plan.

The streets were filled with people walking away from the towers. Along the way, we bumped into another good friend of ours and she ended up finding her sister in the crowd after spotting us - it was a weird but delightful surprise. We all shared a good cry.

Once I reached my mother she was beyond relieved to see me safe and unharmed. We were safe with my mother and her co-workers but still stranded in Manhattan. My mom took care of us for a few hours while the city settled and the trains began to run again. We were very shaken and very grateful for my mothers love and her co-workers kind words.

Later that day my mother and I got on the train and headed home to Brooklyn. When we reached our block, kids were playing basketball, hanging out, and riding bikes. I was clearly shaken up because all of these normal activities seemed so strange to me at this time.

The next few days, I stayed home, talked with friends who all had different stories of that day, and tried to get back to normal. Our school was closed for a few days because of it's location but the time off was well deserved after being so shaken up.

I will never forget September 11th, 2001.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tameeka Time goes to CitiField

I've been living in Flushing for a few months now and I finally made it to a Mets game. This was my first time at the new stadium; CitiField.  

The stadium is pretty much walking distance from my apartment, it's a shame I waited so long to go. 
The NY Mets now play at CitiField. It's a gorgeous stadium, very consumer friendly, very modern, friendly staff, and they offer lot's of leg room in the stands. The stadium wasn't packed so I had room to root as loud as I wanted to. The beer's were kind of pricey. But I was prepared to pay $9-10 for a beer. I will admit the beer selection was better than most stadiums. I love Stella's and was able to enjoy one towards the end of the game and grabbing a Sam Adam's at the beginning of the game was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, the Mets lost to the Braves (3-2) yesterday but I still had a good time. The weather was perfect on Sunday. I'm glad the storm/tornados passed.

I look forward to going to another Mets game and I will make it my mission to visit the Shake Shack while I'm at the stadium next time.

This little trip to the stadium sparked an intrigue in going to a football game. So far I've gone to see the NY Knicks, NY Rangers, NY Mets, and the NY Redbulls the only thing left is football right?!. I'd love to see the NY Giants play and the Brooklyn Nets and maybe even the NY Yankees but right now my mind's on football.

What teams have you seen live?  Let me know, leave a comment below. 

Sleepy Monday's

It looks like NYFW (New York Fashion Week) has taken a toll on this young lady.
I love her feather necklace though.
Sleep on sistah! Sleep on!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Artist Interview - Youtube Vlogger Michelle82478

A few years ago, I was introduced to Michelle82478 via YouTube. The first time I watched a video of Michelle's I could not stop laughing. I automatically subscribed and shared her videos with my friends. She was and is the realist vlogger on youtube. Michelle (to me) is a true New Yorker and I love it!

CortesNyc and I met up with Michelle and decided to interview her. I played camerawoman and he played moderator. Here's the video interview along with a quick q&a I did with Michelle. 

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Michelle82478.

Tameeka Time: Who is Michelle82478 aka Michee? 
Michee: Michee is a lover of life and a hater of all those lacking common sense. Michee is also a musical genius who's yet to be discovered due to her shy nature. 

Tameeka Time: Give me a brief history of who you are. 
Michee: Imma human being 1st and foremost. I have feelings I breathe in and out just like everybody blood is red and my farts stink like shit. As a child I was spoiled, as a teen I was reckless, in my 20's I was a madwoman and now in my 30's Imma lunatic who loves to sing and create shit...I hate rules people telling me what to do, so lets see how far I make it in life shall we :)

Tameeka Time: Why do you vlog?
Michee: Its almost like a video diary, that and also its just a great way to be creative and express people new things, make em laugh and shit...I love to vlog, some people think it's corny and shit but I dont give a fuck..I do it cause I love it, and I love interacting with and meeting other vloggers. 

Tameeka Time: What are your thoughts on youtube?
Michee: I think YT is great..I first went on YT to watch a music video and now thru YT I've learned how to do make maaaaaad shit, met a lot of talented people, some of which have become friends. It's a great way to get yourself out there if you want to be noticed, or discovered, or whatever the fuck it is ya looking to do, you feel me.  

Tameeka Time: How does your family react to your vlogs?
Michee: They laugh at me and tell me I'm crazy or how could I post such crazy or fresh shit but they like them, shit, they're in half of my videos so I know they're okay with it. When I was in Puerto Rico my lil sister Cely would play the rated pg videos for my nephews to watch as to prevent them from forgetting their titi.  

Tameeka Time: I've noticed some of your videos show you with your family, is there any family that refuses to be apart of your vlog channel?
Michee: My mom tells me each every time I record her not to put her on YT as does my uncle, but I never listen, lmao. 

Tameeka Time: Tell me about your youtube fans?
Michee: They are the nicest, realest, craziest, sincere people. I love em all..I don't think of them as fans though, more like people who can relate to me, who get me my lunacy and don't judge me for being so vulgar and bizarre. They’re my online buddy's.  

Tameeka Time: What's the craziest thing a fan has said and what was your response?
Michee: This one unidentified person said to me "your tits probably sag to the floor", my response was, "I wear an A cup, my tit's will Never sag to the floor, so Fuck You!", I said it in a video...well, that was said by a hater not a fan, but in the end the haters are the true fans U Heard ;) 

Tameeka Time: What's your sign? Do you even believe in astrology?
Michee: Imma Virgo, and yes I do believe...I'm into mystical shit like astrology, tarot cards, palm reading..I fuckin believe in aliens, big foot, and nessy for Christ's sake.

Tameeka Time: What type of music do you listen to? Give me some example.
Michee: Love me some reggae, hip hop, rock shit, slow jams, R&B shit, throwbacks...some pop shit but not too much..I love mostly all types of music, if there were no music I think I'd fuckin die yo. 

Tameeka Time: What 3 words come to mind when people say "New York City"?
Michee: Home Sweet Home. 

Tameeka Time: I've heard your poems, which one is your favorite? Would you ever release them on the internet? Have you been writing lately?
Michee: The love poems are all my favorites...some of the poems I wrote in the winter of 2010 will always stand out in my mind. I've wanted to recite some poetry in my videos but I don't think I ever really have. Most of my poems are about being in love or hurt by love and I don't really like to tell people how I'm really feeling when I'm hurt so I'll write a poem or a song and keep it to myself, but sometimes I'll share a poem with a lover or an ex just so they can know how I feel when I cant vocalize my thoughts. I've been writing a lot lately..wrote 2 songs...think they'll be hits if I can get some music to go with the words, lol.

Tameeka Time: Tell me about Puerto Rico? I'm one of your fans and I saw a bunch of photos and status updates about Puerto Rico.
Michee: Puerto Rico was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I went over there to take care of my grandma was going to have a triple bypass. I was there for 2 1/2 months and thank God my grandma's surgery went well!! During my time out there my aunt & myself bumped heads and got into it a couple of times..we are currently not boyfriend at the time cheated on me and I was forced to break up with him. It was hard out there because so many things were being thrown at me back to back but in the end that trip showed me what I was made of...I can do anything I put my mind to and like my dad kept telling me, "positive thinking goes a long way"...but I must confess, I was very negative when it came to the drama with my aunt...oh well, fuck it, the saga continues.
Tameeka Time: Your nails always look gorgeous, do you do them yourself? If so tell me about it? What's your favorite design? 
Michee: Thanks man, yea I do them myself…been doing my own nails for about 3 years now..I used to bite my nails for years (still do every now & then when shit gets serious, lol) then one day I stopped and started painting them..its another way to express myself & how I’m feeling on any given day…their like 10 mini canvases right there on ya hands to fuck with, I love it…some of my favorites designs are the Iced out nails (nail covered in rhinestones), painting lil faces, holiday nails, I really like when all 10 nails have a different design.

Tameeka Time: What's a typical week like for Michee?  
Michee: Since I've been back from P.R a typical week for Michee consists of Michee running around like a chicken without a damn head looking for a J.O.B...when I'm not going on interviews I'm helping my mom out or chillen with my lil sister Cely or brother Juancho...I write in my journal almost everyday, I sing, I act a damn fool, and I try to make something everyday...homemade tea bags, ice cream in a bag, rag really don't matter what I make as long as I make something...strange I know.

Tameeka Time: What's a typical weekend like for Michee? 
Michee: Friday night- Chillen in the crib or chillen with friends.
Saturday - laundry, cooking, anything can go down at night, really all depends on whats my mood.
Sunday - sleeping in, visit lil sister and nephews, read or study russian, chill on my fires escape which is like my own private spot, basically not much of anything unless something pops up or I feel like going out somewhere. In the end my life is pretty fuckin boring man.

Tameeka Time: Do you twitter? Do you have a tumblr page?
Michee: I have a twitter page and I hardly ever tweet. I have nothing to say to the twitter community, like, what does one say to these people, I have no clue so I just don't ever really go on that shit....IDK what tumblr is, sounds familiar though. 

Tameeka Time: What / who's your inspiration?
Michee: My mom, dad, grandparents, and anyone with a good honest heart who has succeeded in life and done right by themselves & others. 

Tameeka Time: Any last words for the internet out there?
Michee: Yup, I love you All, and when I'm gone my laughter will live on via YT ;)
lol, lmao, I wish I knew how to type out my laugh.......   hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhargkkkkargggggghaaaahhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkSnort :)

For More info on Michelle82478 go to her youtube page: 

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