Friday, September 14, 2012

Living Healthier: Weight Loss Update

Back in July, I started taking Bootcamp fitness classes at my gym. Bootcamp courses are set up in a series of 8 classes, twice a week for 45 minutes each class. We start a new series of classes this coming Monday.

Before every new class series our instructor; Laura weighs and measures each student.
Yesterday was "weigh-in day".

I wasn't feeling so great last night. And, even though I have been sticking to eating healthier and incorporating more and more vegetables to my meals, I was a bit nervous when it came to weighing in. Plus I was just measured on August 27th (just over 2 weeks ago). I'm used to getting measured every month (4-weeks). All kinds of negative thoughts ran through my head. I even thought I gained weight.

Boy was I wrong.

My measurements were about the same (my hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, etc.) as my previous measurements but what surprised me the most was that I went down 2 lbs since August.

I was so happy to get that news! Well to see it on the scale with my own eyes.

Since I've started with the personal trainer and bootcamp classes, I've lost a total of 6 lbs.
That's not much (I know) but it's a start and I'm excited!

This has really motivated me to keep going. I now have a weight goal. I'd like to trim down to 120 lbs. When I started at this new gym and taking my health seriously I was 133 lbs. I then went down to 129 lbs and now I'm 127lbs.

Just 7 more pounds to go!


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