Monday, September 10, 2012

Tameeka Time goes to CitiField

I've been living in Flushing for a few months now and I finally made it to a Mets game. This was my first time at the new stadium; CitiField.  

The stadium is pretty much walking distance from my apartment, it's a shame I waited so long to go. 
The NY Mets now play at CitiField. It's a gorgeous stadium, very consumer friendly, very modern, friendly staff, and they offer lot's of leg room in the stands. The stadium wasn't packed so I had room to root as loud as I wanted to. The beer's were kind of pricey. But I was prepared to pay $9-10 for a beer. I will admit the beer selection was better than most stadiums. I love Stella's and was able to enjoy one towards the end of the game and grabbing a Sam Adam's at the beginning of the game was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, the Mets lost to the Braves (3-2) yesterday but I still had a good time. The weather was perfect on Sunday. I'm glad the storm/tornados passed.

I look forward to going to another Mets game and I will make it my mission to visit the Shake Shack while I'm at the stadium next time.

This little trip to the stadium sparked an intrigue in going to a football game. So far I've gone to see the NY Knicks, NY Rangers, NY Mets, and the NY Redbulls the only thing left is football right?!. I'd love to see the NY Giants play and the Brooklyn Nets and maybe even the NY Yankees but right now my mind's on football.

What teams have you seen live?  Let me know, leave a comment below. 

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