Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday's and Holiday's

Last week was quite an eventful week for me.
Tuesday was my birthday (Nov 20) and Thursday (Nov 22) was Thanksgiving.
Since my birthday always falls on the week of thanksgiving it's always a special time of year for me.

This year I had a small get together with friends the Friday before my birthday at Revival Bar. The bar was packed but had a good vibe going and the drinks were cheap. After doing shots and having too many beers at Revival Bar we ended up grabbing dinner at Sidebar.

It felt really good to bring different people from my life together to celebrate my birthday. I got to hang out with friends I've known for 10 years, friends I met on the Internet, and co-workers. I'm thankful for having such talented and amazing friends.

In addition to Friday's birthday celebration, my two dear friends Ngozi and Kelly (seen below) took me out for a night of dancing on Saturday. We probably spent 3 hours laughing and danced the rest of the night away! I always have a blast when I go out with those two. As a trio we know how to get a party started!

I don't usually talk about gifts or what I receive for my birthday but I have to give a shout out to YouTube vlogger and nail artist Michee!

She created Tameeka Time themed nails. I was floored when I saw the design! I could not believe she did this. I was so thankful and impressed with her work. 

To find out who Michee is go to her YouTube page or check out the interview I put together of her on my YouTube page.

On Thanksgiving, I planned a very small meal for two that included a roasted chicken and a few different sides. For dessert I had a delicious apple cranberry pie made by Michelle of Lets Start Fresh.com.

Here's a pic of my meal. It was delicious and pretty easy to cook.  The menu included:
- Roasted whole chicken w/ rosemary compound butter
- Whiskey glazed carrots
- Sauteed spinach and mushrooms
- Potato salad
- Sliced Avocados
- Cranberry sauce
- White rice

Readers out there, how did you spend your Thanksgiving? Did you cook a lot? What was on your menu? Leave a comment below.

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