Friday, November 2, 2012

Tameeka Time Travels : Day 3 : Michigan

Detroit Bound
It's Saturday. Sam and I are up early getting dressed and preparing for our day trip to Detroit.

I've never been to or ever seen Detroit, so I was pretty excited.

We picked up Sam's friend Kanika and hit the road. Detroit is about a 47 minute drive from Ann Arbor. Not bad at all.

When we arrived downtown Detroit, our first mission was to find food. It was brunch time so we stopped at Eastern Market Diner and had some comfort food. My favorite part of what I ordered were the grits. I haven't had grits in such a long time and these were just the way I like it, creamy (not lumpy) with a dash of salt.
Eastern Market Diner

A few blocks away we started our journey through the Detroit Eastern Market. The Detroit Eastern Market is "a local food district with more than 250 independent vendors and merchants processing, wholesaling, and retailing food."

If I lived in Detroit I would probably be at this market every other weekend buying fruits and veggies.

For the past few months I've started juicing and the prices of vegetables have become a big deal in my life and to see all of these fresh farm grown products for so cheap it made me determined to find a farmers market back home. (I did some research and there is a farmers market in flushing that's far from my home, but I have to go).

I did end up purchasing some plums, just a handful because I wouldn't be in Michigan for too long. I was talking to Sam about the Farmers Market in Manhattan and how this market is so much bigger with a lot of different vendors. In the middle of me talking an older lady came up to us and interrupted us to tell me that she's from NY and the market I'm talking about does not compare to this. It HAD to be a New Yorker to voice her opinion. ^_^

After the Market we headed to the Motown Historical Museum.

I'm not sure why but I thought the museum would have been in a large building. The museum is in the form of a home. And it makes sense. Berry Gordy, the founder of Tamla and MoTown Records created his empire from his own home. It was really inspirational to see how the entire Gordy family (his mother, father, and siblings) helped out the community and became entrepreneurs. I'm glad I was able to learn about one of the first successful black owned labels. And, our tour guide was amazing. He had so much energy and made the entire tour worth it.

If you find yourself in Detroit and plan on visiting the MoTown Museum remember that you are unable to take photos in the museum due to rules set by the new owners of Universal Music Group.

While I was in Michigan, a few people mentioned that I must go to Slow's BBQ in Detroit and try the macaroni and cheese. So, Samantha, Kanika and I drove to Slow's.

Since it was a Saturday afternoon this restaurant was packed! Our expected wait time was 1-hour but we managed to grab some seats 20-25 minutes into our wait.

Everything we ordered was delicious. We definitely had a good time and filled our lil bellies with BBQ. The mac-n-cheese was seasoned and was definitely worth the wait and the hand made BBQ sauces were one of a kind. Good Stuff.

After eating, we drove through some rough neighborhoods in Detroit. We would see rows of burnt down homes then just a few blocks away from the burnt down homes we would see beautiful mansions. Detroit is a mixed bag.

Once we returned to Ann Arbor, we went back to Sam's home and took a nap. All of that BBQ weighed us down! Later that evening we went to Wholefoods in Ann Arbor (which I loved) to grab some wine and cheese, and stayed up for hours talking, catching up on life and reminiscing.

Saturday was a good day.

More Michigan posts to come.

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