Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beyonce is winning 2013 so far

Beyoncé is winning 2013 so far (and it just started). It seems like every week she's being featured on some site or sporting some hot outfit on her Instagram page.

Back in October (2012) it was announced that Beyoncé would be the half-time performer during this years Superbowl. I'm super excited to see her perform! I always look forward to the wings and chili during the Super Bowl but this year I could care less about who's playing or what I'm eating. I get to see Beyoncé kill it.

Yesterday  I came across a bunch of posts confirming the reunion of Destiny's Child at the Superbowl. Destiny's Child is one of my favorite 90s girl groups (the Spice Girls will always be number one in my heart) but I got pretty pumped about this reunion just because it reminds me of my junior/high school years. A recent post on Beyoncé's main website speaks of a new DC album being released. The album will be a compilation of the groups greatest love songs and one new track titled; Nuclear. I hope the group stays together and is able to release a full album of new songs in the future. But I'll take what I can get for now.

After the Superbowl buzz, the media and bloggers will still be talking about Bey once her HBO documentary "Life is but a Dream" airs on February 16th. In the trailer Beyoncé talks about her pregnancy and how hard it is to stay relevant. I will definitely be watching and I love the vlogger aspect of her videos (talking to camera alone style).


I've always been a fan of Beyoncé. I'm not a stan. But I do like her music (don't judge me) and I think she's always had an amazing body. This week the Internet was abuzz about her "racy" photos in the February edition of GQ. Coincidentally,  these photos were released the same week of her daughter; Blue Ivy's first birthday. Yes the photos are clearly saying "look how hot I look a year after giving birth to my daughter."

I say more power to her. If I decide to have children I already know that I will be taking all of the boot camp classes my local gym will offer to get my body back in shape.

The day the GQ photos were leaked both males and females on various social media sites could not stop talking about how good or how fake she looked. I've even seen females imitate her cover pose. I have heard many people comment that her body is fake and she only looks like that because she has a personal trainer living in her home, a personal chef, and world class surgeons accessible to her. This all may be very true (I guess). Beyoncé has denied the above rumors. But if I had the money she had I would do the same thing and half the people on the Internet saying negative things would too.

What's so wrong with getting back to shape? 

What are your thoughts? If you had the money and the resources Beyoncé has would you have a live-in chef, personal trainer, etc.

I'd like to hear from the Beyoncé lovers and even the haters ;)


  1. I'm not a fan. I think she comes across as fake. Just the way she talks... nobody is an 'angel' and I think she wants to come across as one....

    But yeah, if I had money, I would definitely get a personal trainer, live-in chef etc. Why not? :-D

    1. speaking of fake.. this whole lipsync "scandal" is a damn mess. i know she regrets ever doing that


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