Thursday, January 31, 2013

ToThread or Not To Thread...that is the question

The other day I went to a threading salon that I've had an on-and-off relationship with for years. 

I only go to threading salons to get my eyebrows shaped and cleaned up.
On Tuesday, I walked out of the salon with red, watery eyes. I looked a mess but my eyebrows were shaped pretty good. This threading salon I'm talking about is located a block away from where I work, the staff is very friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the service is great.

You may be thinking, "so why does she have an on-and-off relationship with this salon?"

It's a great question actually. I hate (yes I used the word hate) I hate the feeling of my eyebrows being threaded. I can deal with the one swipe pain of waxing. But threading is tedious and the threader always seems to want to take every little single hair from your brow area. When ever I find myself in a rush and need my brows shaped for an event I always run to this salon because they open early and close late. 
But I'm writing this more to remind myself to stop going there and to share my thoughts on eyebrow threading. During my last threading session I simply wanted to cry like a baby. I also wanted to sob and scream out "STOP"!!  But I controlled my inner child and realized that I'm an adult. That would just be a ridiculous way of behaving. 

So I took it. I took the pain and made a mental note (yet again) to stop going the threading route and just make time to get my brows waxed. nDon't get me wrong, I do understand the saying "with beauty comes pain" but holy cow it's painful. I will not step foot in a threading salon for a very long time.

What are your thoughts? Is it better to wax your eyebrows or is it better to thread them? Comment below. Let me know your thoughts. Share your threading/waxing stories. 

After searching eyebrow threading videos on youtube this video is the best example of how I felt in the chair getting my brows threaded on Tuesday. 


  1. To thread! Yes, it hurts like a ***, but the results are great. It looks
    very natural and it lasts longer than waxing.  I think you just have to
    suck it up, Tameekatime! :-P 

  2. LOL! Ok Kizzy. I guess I'm being a big baby. I gotta find someone that makes it feel painless. I went a a guy a year or 2 ago and I felt no pain but his shop closed after the hurricane :( 

  3. I'm terrible. I just tweeze. Unless I'm SUPER lazy and I just touch up with a razor. I draw my eyebrows in like Joan Crawford though, so my actual eyebrows are like an inch long. ;D GLAMOR.

  4. I'm going to try tweezing.

  5. As much as I hate threading I am physically unable to tweeze my own eyebrows. My brain goes "That hurts dummy" and I stop after a hair or two.

  6. Girl I feel you...I go instead of waxing when i want to last a long time or I've totally let it go and i need reshaping. An aspirin or lidocaine cream can help...


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