Sunday, April 7, 2013

Food | Bare Burger | Quick Review

Earlier today I was looking for a place to brunch in Forest Hills, Queens. There were not too many options for brunch but defiantly a ton lunch spots. I walked by Bare Burger which is a place I've been too a few times when I lived in Astoria, Queens.

Earlier in the week, I did a general yelp search for brunch spots in Forest Hills and Bare Burger did not come up on the list. When I spoke to the hostest she mentioned that a brunch menu was added to this location a few months ago. I was pleased to hear this because this will be a great brunch spot to come to when I'm in Forest Hills.

I did enjoy the food and I do recommend you readers out there to eat at Bare Burger just because they serve organic meat. I'm totally against fast food burgers and if you have a Bare Burger in your area this should definitely be an option. They also have Vegan options available.

My brunch consisted of a delicious mimosa, scrambled eggs, sausage, carrot cake french toast, a fruit cup, and sweet potato w/ parsley and garlic wedges. I've never had carrot cake french toast before. They were moist, delicious, and the raisins were so firm and good. This has now become one of my favorites. The french toast was very sweet just like a dessert, I do not recommend adding syrup to french toast.

**Food Scale: (5 being the greatest and 1 being the least)**

Bare Burger | Forest Hills | 71-49 Austin St. | Queens, NY

Food: 5  (I will definitely return here and have brunch, probably the same dish)
Service: 3  (The waitress didn't know if the carrot cake french toast had coconut in it or not, it does not by the way and when asked her opinion on another dish she didn't give a clear answer. She was very friendly though)
Cleanliness: 5
Price: 4 ($30 - $40 range for 2 people brunch)

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