Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tameeka Time Turns 5!

Today's a big day.

5 years ago today I started a little blog called Tameeka Time!

My life has changed so much in 5 years and it's humbling to have a blog, a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings with the world.

Thank you readers and supporters.

I appreciate all of the comments and feedback!

I love you all!

*Join me and dance to one of my favorite songs! Favorite Star by Quadron !

- xoxo
Tameeka Time

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Week In Nails | Tameeka Time's Nails

This week I decided to embrace the summer and paint my nails yellow.
I've never owned such a loud color before so I went out and purchased a yellow nail polish.
I expected the color to be a bit brighter. Since it wasn't the ultra bright yellow I wanted I decided to add another color to the mix to make this particular yellow pop, I added white.
The yellow polish is by Maybelline from their "Color Show" line - this color is called "Fierce n Tangy".
The white polish is by B-Touch and it's a simple white #94.
The Maybelline polish paints on thin, I had to add 3 coats of polish to my nails and the B-Touch polish was very thick so I only needed 2 coats.

What do you think? Would you try this polish? Would you try the color combo of yellow and white?
Comment below!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Queen Beyonce's Weave Stuck in a Fan

Here's how one should handle getting their weave caught in a fan.

Step 1: Proceed to ignore what's happening

Step 2: Try to free yourself from the fans pull on your weave

Step 3: Somehow alert your bouncers that your hair is caught in said fan

Step 4: DO NOT FREAK OUT! Because girl....your weave is STILL caught in the damn fan

Step 5: Continue to sing to the crowd.  Do Not Stop Singing


Step 6: Be fabulous just like Beyonce and acknowledge  that your weave got caught in a fan while you were performing.

Go on Instagram and post about it. Laugh at the situation. The "beehive" will love it!

Images: & Beyonce Instagram

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