Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - Bring it On 2014

Happy New Year! 
It's almost 2014!!!!! 

This year will be a better year - for both you and me! 
I don't know about you but I'm glad to leave 2013 behind. It was a life changing year for me personally and professionally. Luckily, both of those aspects of my life have changed for the better and I'm actually happy with every decision I made last year. 

The 3 major changes for me were: I obtained a new job in my field after working 6 years for a loyal company, a long term semi-work and personal relationship ended and I moved to a new neighborhood in Queens. 

In 6 short months my life changed. At first it scared the crap out of me but I slowly adjusted to my new lifestyle. I realized it was time to leave baggage behind. I made new friends, I traveled, I went on dates - I actually met people in person at events and through dating sites. I stopped being emotionally responsible for others. I danced harder, I laughed more, and I cried a lot. This year has definitely taught me many lessons about life. And I'm happy to end it with some pretty special people.  

2013 wasn't all a bad year. There were also some really great things that happened in 2013, for example: The high school student I mentored went off to college, I attended the AICP awards, I danced with SantiGold, my friend Aldo moved to NYC, I had the most fabulous nails this summer, I finally ate at La Esquina & Lure Fishbar, my roommate is my best friend, I went to America's first zoo, I made cupcakes at ButterLane, I went to San Francisco, I danced with a topless DJ, I went apple picking, I discovered that I REALLY love dressing up for Halloween, I saw Wanda Sykes & Kathy Griffin live, I took a road trip to Boston, I went to an aquarium, and met a wonderful young man that I enjoy spending time with.
I never really focus on new year resolutions. But this year I wanted to jot down a few reminders to myself and have something to look forward to and look back on next year :) 

I will laugh more.
I will act my age (instead of acting like an old fart). 
I will surround myself with ONLY positive people and positive situations. 
I will work on my brand again (Tameeka Time). 
I will create a bucket list and post it on my blog. 
I will take better care of my body (internally and externally). 

Do you have any semi-resolutions you want to reflect on? If so, comment below. Or if you just want to vent on why 2013 was such a crappy year let me know in the comment section. 

Cheers to the New Year and good luck to everyone! 

-Tameeka Time

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  1. Big HUGS to you!!!!!! xo

    I have some resolutions myself, might post it on my blog. Have to think about it first ;)


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