Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"About Me" Questionnaire

Kicking off the new year, I decided to participate in an "about me" questionnaire (seen on Making Miracles Blog). I've done something like this a few years ago but it's always good to update you blog readers about what I'm into now. I hope you enjoy this and comment below if you have questions or feedback.

Name:  Tameeka aka Meeka aka Meeks aka Tammy
Birthday:  November 20th
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio  
Where were you born:  Brooklyn
Where do you live now: Queens 
How many times have you moved:  9 times though-out my lifetime
Hair Color:  black
Eye Color: dark brown
Tattoos: 2 (a scorpion tat and a cat tat) 
Piercings: 6 (ears, nose, and navel)

Color: Purple and sometimes pink 
Food: Rice --- I love rice, you can eat it with anything and have so many different kinds of rice
Candy: Sour patch kids 
Movie: Too many to list but I really enjoyed Beasts of the Southern Wild 
TV Show:  Breaking Bad, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, Misfits, Scandal, Revenge, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Luther, Being Human, The Following, Skins (UK), The Big Bang Theory, True Blood & so much more.
Actor:  Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Actress: Rachel McAdams
Favorite Author: (At the moment) Khalid Hosseini and Charlaine Harris 
Band or Singer: Queens of the stone age, Beyonce, Quadron, Kelis and the list goes on 
Song:  Too many to list but right now I can't stop listening to "Favorite Star" by Quadron
Holiday: Thanksgiving 
Season: Summer 
Day of the week:  Saturday
Store: It's a tie between Target and Walmart 
Restaurant:  So many but I really enjoy Sushi Samba
Sport: Soccer 
Animal: Cats
Flower: Gerber Daisies
*Have you ever*
Danced in the rain:  yes
tripped and had an embarrassing fall:  yup in high school it was pretty bad, I tripped up the stairs
smoked:  nope .. I enjoy cigars though on special occasions
got drunk:  haha have you seen my instagram ? http://instagram.com/tameekatime#
gone skinny dipping:  no
been in a car accident:  no thankfully
been in love: yes 
met the President: no 
met a celebrity: yes
cried over a movie: yes -- Beasts of the Southern Wild was the last movie that made me cry
laughed so hard you cried: yes 
cried for no reason at all: I'm sure I have 

*the last*
thing you said: "whatever"
thing you ate: Broccoli in garlic sauce 
song you heard: The theme song to Breaking Bad
movie you saw: Thin (HBO Documentary) 
cd you bought: wow I honestly don't remember
book you read: Yes Chef, A memoir
phone call: the boyfriend
im: Kelly 
person you yelled at: woman at the gym

*This or that*

pepsi or coke: pepsi but I prefer seltzer
mcdonalds or burger king: neither 
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla 
tv or movies: tv
colored pencils or markers:  haven't used either in a while so I'll say markers
sun or moon: Sun
day or night: Day
pants or shorts: Pants
long sleeve or short sleeve:  Long sleeves
 n'sync or backstreet boys: lol Nsync 
burgers or hot dogs: Burgers
rock or rap: Right now both but I'm sure that will change 
aim or phone: gchat
romantic comedy or thriller: romantic comedy
waffles or pancakes: pancakes
peanut butter or jelly: jelly

do you believe in love at first sight:  yes
have you ever wished upon a star: no
what other language (s) do you speak:  none
if you dyed your hair what color would you dye it: red 
if you could change your name what would you change it to: Sabrina or Chelsea 
what's the weather like right now: I'll a little chilly out
what instruments do you play: none 
do you talk to yourself a lot: no 
best place you have visited: Bahamas 
best day of your life: hmmmm the day I was finally noticeably comfortable with myself and realizing I can be independent
worst day of your life:  I try to block a lot of things out but the day I realized I had to move and start a whole new life
pet peeves: when people slurp soup or coffee really loud 
what are you most proud of: all of my achievements (video blogging, editing, mentoring, etc) 
what is your goal for this year:  I have many goals, they can be seen on my bucket list post


  1. This is awesome!! Love you even more now ;-)

  2. Hi tameeka you have such a great blog!

    i've posted your pic from the pop out event



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