Sunday, January 11, 2015

What Is A Foodie?

For the last two weeks, I've had a few friends ask me why am I changing my lifestyle blog to a food based blog. My answer has been simple: "It's what I want to focus on. I want to learn about food preparation, food quality, and I want to learn how to cook quality meals. In no way do I want to become a chef. I just want to properly document my food experiences, learn about cuisine I would never try on my own, and meet people with similar interests."

My answer may sound a bit crazy but it's the truth. For years I have thought about what I wanted to focus on here at I thought about focusing on beauty, makeup, photographs of New York City, and I even thought about making it graffiti based. None of these topics stuck out to me. They didn't excite me the way reading about a new Thai restaurant opening in Queens or reading an article teaching everyone how to incorporate avocados in every meal.

As I approach this change I start to think: "What is a foodie?" Am I A Foodie? Is there an official way to become a foodie? Aren't we all foodies? We all need food to survive....right?!

I personally think the term categorizes a certain type of person. Someone who appreciates details in food preparation and the anatomy of a good meal.  But that's just my definition.

Here's the Urban Dictionary's meaning of "Foodie":

And now here's's definition of the term "Foodie":

Now if the definitions above do not convince you that you may be a foodie, you can take the  BuzzFeed quiz: "How Obsessed With Food Are You?" Quiz  :)

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